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Rose Villain Quanto è Alta
Rose Villain Quanto è Alta

Rose Villain Quanto è Alta – Rose Villain is the stage name of Rosa Luini , Italian singer-songwriter and rapper. Entrò in questo mondo il 20 luglio 1989, a Milano. She is the daughter of the entrepreneur Franco Luini , founder of the Tucano brand , and of Fernanda Melloni. Don’t miss Rose on stage at Red Bull 64 Bars Live in Scampia , Naples on October 7th . Together with her, Marracash, Lazza, Geolier, Noyz Narcos, Luchè and Miles will take turns on stage . The event is sold out , but you can always enjoy it live streaming on Red Bull Droppa , our music channel on YouTube.

Childhood and career

Rose Villain grew up in Milan and developed a passion for music from an early age. She began writing songs and performing at local venues in her teens. It was 2016 when she-at 27 years old-she released her debut single, “Don Medellín”, with Lei Salmo . The song was certified platinum and earned her national recognition. In these years he moved to the United States, living in New York, where he had important musical and artistic experiences.

Musical style and influences

Rose Villain’s music is characterized by its dark and gritty sound, which blends elements of hip hop, trap, pop and R&B. Rose is known for her powerful vocal lines, catchy melodies and introspective lyrics. Her influences include artists such as Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill and 2Pac . She is also inspired by contemporary artists such as Billie Eilish and Rosalía.


Rose Villain released a studio album, “Radio Gotham,” in 2023. Commercialmente e criticamente, l’album ebbe un successo strepitoso. In addition to her solo work, Rose Villain has collaborated with numerous other artists; in addition to the aforementioned Salmo and Gué there are Emis Killa , Geolier , Charlie Charles, Sick Luke and Shiva.


Rosa Luini è nata e cresciuta a Milano; i suoi genitori sono Franco Luini, inventore del marchio Tucano e imprenditore milanese, e Fernanda Melloni. From a young age, she demonstrated a natural predisposition for music and singing, and this passion emerged from elementary school. After graduating from high school at Liceo Manzoni, at just eighteen years old, she made a bold decision and moved to Los Angeles. Here, she completed her musical studies at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood, specializing in rock music.

Husband, Boyfriend, Relationships, Children

In Los Angeles Rose Villain met record producer Sixpm, who became her music producer and later her life partner. The couple married in May 2022 in Brooklyn, thus sealing their bond in both music and everyday life. unk rock band called The Villains, from which she drew inspiration for her stage name. This period represented a crucial phase in her artistic growth. Subsequently, she moved to New York, where she completed her studies in theater and musical arts on Broadway.

In New York, he made career-defining meetings, including with his first managers, Mark Gartenberg, a well-known former A&R at Sony Music, and Eric Beall, former vice president of creative at Sony ATV and Zomba Label Group.Rose Villain’s musical career began in 2016 when, after meeting DJ Slait, Enigma and Hell Raton ,

she signed a contract with Machete Empire Records. Her debut single, “Get the Fuck Out of My Pool,” released on July 19, 2016, combines electronic and hip-hop sounds, quickly gaining popularity. The song’s video was shot in Brooklyn and Manhattan, highlighting her connection to the New York music scene.

In November 2016, Rose Villain participated as a guest artist on Salmo’s single “Don Medellín”, which reached number 13 in the FIMI singles chart, achieving platinum status. This early success set the stage for her growing fame. In 2017, Rose Villain signed a contract with Universal Music Germany, continuing to release hit singles such as “Kitty Kitty” and “Don’t Call the Po-Po.” The latter single is part of the soundtrack of the second season of the American TV series “LA’s Finest.” However, the year was marked by the untimely death of Rose’s mother, which had a significant impact on her music.

In 2018, Rose Villain signed with Republic Records and released the single “Funeral Party,” which features urban and dancehall sounds. In 2019, she released the single “SWOOP!” in collaboration with Sydney Swift and Sixpm. However, at the end of 2019, Rose Villain decided to end her contract with Republic Records due to artistic differences with the label and chose to independently release singles such as “Sneakers” and “It’s Snowing, Motherfucker.”

In 2020, Rose Villain signed with Arista and Sony Music Italy, debuting her first single in Italian, “Bundy.” Subsequently, she released successful singles such as “Chico” in collaboration with Gué Pequeno and Luchè. This song, initially written in English for Rose Villain, was translated into Italian to be included in Gué’s project. The single peaked at number five in the FIMI singles chart and was certified quadruple platinum.

Rose Villain Quanto è Alta

In 2022, Rose Villain released the single “Michelle Pfeiffer” featuring Tony Effe, anticipating the release of the album “Radio Gotham,” released in 2023. This single achieved great success, going platinum. 2023 also saw the debut of Rose Villain at the Sanremo Festival, participating in the Friday covers evening, duetting with Rosa Chemical on the notes of America by Gianna Nannini .Rosa Luini , aka Rose Villain, was born in Milan and from an early age she was interested in art, in particular singing and cinema. «I spend half my days making music and the other watching films, series and reading» she tells Esse Magazine.

«I have always been attracted by thrillers, by directors like Fincher, Nolan, Tarantino. Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to the dark and the macabre. Now I have found the key to combining this passion of mine with music.”After taking singing lessons throughout her adolescence, when she came of age she moved to Los Angeles , California , to continue her musical studies. Here she graduates from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and here she starts her first band, The Villains , from which she will then take the name Rose Villain .

Then came the turn of New York , where he continued his studies and finally began writing songs in English (a language from which he later reluctantly separated). In the Big Apple she also meets Lei sixpm , a Neapolitan producer, former member of 2nd Roof, who will also become her husband in 2022 .

The first contracts arrive in 2016 with Machete Empire after the meeting with Slait and Hell Raton : she is the first woman on the roster. The result is a debut entitled Get The Fuck Out My Of Pool. She follows Geisha, which however does not match the success of Don Medellin, the first important collaboration with Salmo. In fact, the single is taken from a milestone by the Sardinian rapper, Hellvisback.

Things are also progressing well on the international front. In 2017 she signed with Universal Germany and in 2018 she was the only Italian under contract with the American Republic Records . The tragedy of her mother’s death in 2017 represents a hard blow for Rosa. Funeral Party is her first single on Republic, now one of her best known internationally. In 2019, her relationship with Republic ended due to artistic differences.

From here onwards a period begins that is not only intense from a recording point of view, but also revolutionary from Rose’s point of view. In 2020 she participated in the single Chico di Guè , which essentially convinced her to write and sing in Italian. “I definitely had to find my way and my voice in Italian, and it wasn’t easy,” he tells Billboard.

«Chico was the first experiment. He counts that when you write in English you have a totally different way of approaching the microphone, even trivially, in terms of placement of the vocal cords. The wording in English is much more grim, while Italian is full of vowels. At the beginning I didn’t like my sound in Italian at all, it was tortuous to get to be satisfied but I didn’t give up for a second.»

Convinced by Chico’s success, Rose releases her third single, this time in Italian, Goodbye . Between 2021 and 2022 the list of collaborations is dense and important: from Guè to Emis Killa, from Annalisa to Rosa Chemical from Rondodasosa to Irama.In December 2022 he announces his first, long-awaited album Radio Gotham . After 12 years of career, the singer and rapper was finally able to dedicate herself to an LP full of important names, from Tedua to Geolier, up to Salmo and Carl Brave.

«I had to arm myself with great patience: my project didn’t explode overnight, it was gradual» she tells Rolling Stone about the genesis of the album. «A tortuous path. However, I realized that earlier it wasn’t the right time to publish it. You have to wait for people to ask you for an album; now that there’s the right hype and I’ve collected the right songs, it’s time.”

Rose Villain Quanto è Alta
Rose Villain Quanto è Alta

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