Rose Villain Altezza e Peso

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Rose Villain Altezza e Peso
Rose Villain Altezza e Peso

Rose Villain Altezza e Peso – The Italian singer Rose Villain wore HUI during the daily of the 74th Sanremo Italian Song Festival 2024. The total look is composed of a trench coat in floral jacquard fabric with spotted eco fur details, waistcoat and platform in coordinated fabric. He began his musical career in 2016, releasing his first single “Rose Villain”. You then collaborated with several Italian artists, including Salmo, Gué Pequeno and Luchè.

All about Rose Villain

Rose Villain, pseudonym of Rosa Luini, is an Italian singer-songwriter and rapper. She was born in Milan on 20 July 1989 and is the daughter of the Milanese entrepreneur Franco Luini, founder of the Tucano brand. In 2020 he released his first studio album, “Radio Gotham”. The album was a commercial and critical success, and established Rose Villain as one of the most interesting artists on the Italian music scene.

Rose Villain: age, real name, height, husband, children and FantaSanremo

The Ariston stage will be illuminated by the presence of Rose Villain in the cast of the Sanremo Festival 2024, confirming her rise as a leading young artist in the Italian music scene. But who really is Rose Villain, beyond her stage name? Let’s discover together some crucial details about her life and career.

Born in Milan on July 20, 1989 with the name Rosa Luini, her childhood and adolescence were spent in New York, a city that profoundly shaped her artistic identity and unique style. In January 2023, she made her triumphant entry into the music world with the release of her first album, “Radio Gotham.” This work touched on profound personal themes, obtaining a warm reception from both the public and critics. Her album debuted in the top five positions of the FIMI weekly Top Album chart, while the single “Fragole”, in collaboration with Achille Lauro, climbed the charts, conquering national radio in the summer of 2024.

Rose Villain: marriage and private life

In addition to her musical career, Rose Villain has another important dimension in her life: her marriage to producer Sixpm. The couple got married in May 2022, and she Rose has publicly expressed the joy of spending so much time with him, despite their differences in artistic approach. In an interview with, she shared: “It’s nice to spend a lot of time together and then we are very different when we are in the studio than we are outside. He and I never argue and we get along very well.”

With her unique style and innovative voice, Rose Villain has won the hearts of the Italian and international public. Her presence at the 2024 Sanremo Festival promises to be a memorable moment, confirming her status as an emerging icon in the contemporary music scene. With her talent and determination, Rose Villain continues to inspire and entertain, proving that hers is a musical journey destined to leave a lasting imprint on the landscape of Italian music.

Who is Rose Villain: age, height, weight, famous father, famous husband, real name, Sanremo 2024 Since she was little, Rose Villain , an artist competing in Sanremo 2024 with the song Click boom, began to showing interest and passion for the world of music since she was a child. After living in Milan and graduating from Liceo Manzoni, at the age of 18 she moved to Los Angeles, where she studied music. She graduated from the Musicians Institute of Hollywood, specializing in rock music. >>>> Sanremo 2024 ,

who are all the singers competing >>>> Sanremo 2024 : singers, songs, guests, evenings, duets, co-hosts with Amadeus Rose Villain started singing and making music in a punk cover band rock called The Villain s, … Since she was little, Rose Villain has shown interest and passion for the world of music. She grew up in Milan, at the age of eighteen she chose to move to Los Angeles to chase her dreams. She then graduated in California from the contemporary music conservatory, the Musicians Institute of Hollywood , with a specialization in rock music .

Rosa Luini is the daughter of the Milanese entrepreneur Franco Luini and Fernanda Melloni, and therefore the heir to the Tucano brand. In elementary school, she realizes she has a gift for singing. She grew up in the Lombardy capital with her parents and her younger brother Alessandro, she attended classical high school at Liceo Manzoni, and then moved to Los Angeles at eighteen.

She attended the Contemporary Musicians Institute in Hollywood, where she earned a degree in rock music performance a few years later.Rose Villain’s stage name comes from a small Los Angeles-based punk rock cover band she joined called The Villains. She eventually moved to New York City, where she finished her education on Broadway. Mark Gartenberg, a well-known former A&R at Sony Music, and Eric Beall, a former vice president of creative at Sony ATV, are two of the first managers she met in New York. Zomba Label Group and the rest of the group.

In New York he meets Sixpm, who becomes his personal partner and music producer, they get married on May 23, 2022 in Brooklyn. He joined Machete Empire Records in 2016 after meeting DJ Slait, Enigma and Hell Raton. His first song, Get the Fuck Out of My Pool, was released on July 19, 2016 and features a blend of electronic and hip hop.

The accompanying music video was filmed in both Brooklyn and Manhattan and was directed by Andy Ferrara, Andrea Traversa and Mirko De Angelis.After a few months, she released her second single, Her Geisha, which quickly became a favorite of MTV New Generation. Don Medelln by Salmo, taken from the album Hellvisback was released on November 11, 2016; it reached number 13 in the FIMI Top Singles chart and has now been certified platinum.

In 2017, Villain signs a deal with Universal Music Germany, and the track by the band Geisha receives a remix by Russian DJ duo Swanky Tunes and is released under the Villain label. That same year, he released the songs Kitty Kitty and Don’t Call the Po-Po, the latter of which featured actor Eros Galbiati in its music video set in New York City.The soundtrack to the 2020 second season of the popular American television show LA’s Finest features the tune Don’t Call the Po-Po.

Rose Villain Altezza e Peso

The untimely death of Villain’s mother in April makes 2017 a difficult year for him and affects his ability to work on new musical projects. Rose Villain initially found success as a collaborator with other well-known artists. In fact, his contributions to the hit singles Don Medelln by Salmo and Chico by Gué Pequeno and Luchè are still fresh in our minds.

He collaborated with Guè to release two singles in 2021: “Elvis” and “Piango sulla Lambo”. Michelle Pfeiffer featuring Tony Effe, her 2022 single, was the precursor to her 2023 studio album, Radio Gotham. Actually, the artist releases Rari on October 7 and Lamette feat on January 11, 2022. Salmo and the other song are both in Rose Villain’s first album,

Radio Gotham, released on January 20, 2022. Sixpm is the main producer of ‘album. , however they are joined by Drillionaire, Young Miles and Zeff. In addition to Salmo in Lamette, Tedua, Geolier, Carl Brave, Elisa, Tony Effe in Michelle Pfeiffer and Gué in Elvis, we could also find them in other works.

Don Medellin, a Psalm in which Rose Villain appears, was released in 2016, marking a turning point for the character. The song Bundyis, followed by The Devil Cries and several collaborations with Italian artists such as Guè Pequeno, Mondo Marcio, Ernia, Annalisa, Hell Raton and Rosa Chemical, will mark his official Italian debut in 2020. During the Sanremo 2023 cover night, he will perform a duet with Rose Villain.

On May 1, 2023, Rose Villain joined the likes of Rocco Hunt, Carl Brave, Lazza, Coma Cose, Tananai, Mr. Rain, Fulminacci and Aiello in Rome’s Piazza San Giovanni for the Concertone. Other notable artists included bnkr44, Matteo Paolillo, Alfa, Geolier and Giuse The Lizia,

among many others.Rose Villain is a Milanese singer/rapper born in 1989 who apprenticed in the USA, starting her career there before returning to Italy and collaborating with some of the most important rappers on the national scene. Let’s see together the main curiosities about her after Sanremo paired with Rosa Chemical .

After moving to Los Angeles after high school, she graduated from the contemporary music conservatory Musicians Institute in Hollywood there. Here she started her career before moving to New York and meeting the producer Sixpm who would later become her husband. In Italy she collaborates on the singles Don Medellín with Salmo , Chico with Gué Pequeno and Luchè, Elvis and Piango sulla Lambo again with Gue . In 2022 the single Michelle Pfeiffer arrives together with Tony Effe , and immediately after the debut studio album Radio Gotham.

Rosa is the daughter of the founder of the Tucano brand, the entrepreneur Franco Luini, and Fernanda Melloni. She has a younger brother named Alessandro. She obtained her classical high school diploma at the Liceo Manzoni in Milan. Rose Villain takes the stage at the Sanremo Festival for the first time in 2023.

On Friday’s duet evening she sings America by Gianna Nannini paired with Rosa Chemical . On May 1, 2023 she then participates in the Concertone in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome. Here is the video of her performance in which she brought “Ghosts”, “Lamette”, “Michelle Pfeiffer” and “Cartoons”.

Rose Villain Altezza e Peso
Rose Villain Altezza e Peso

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