Niccolò Agliardi Tumore

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Niccolò Agliardi Tumore
Niccolò Agliardi Tumore

Niccolò Agliardi Tumore – Niccol Agliardi, the well-known Italian composer and lyricist who starred in the hit television series Braccialetti Rossi, will be the subject of our discussion today. His life story, the way he got to where he is today, and his discography will be examined.

A Taurus by birth, Niccol Agliardi was born on May 17, 1974, in Milan. He is 48 years old. The work “Samarcanda” by Roberto Vecchioni, which he found as a child, sparked his love in music.

He made the conscious decision to enter this field of business. Niccol began writing songs while a student at a classical high school. To earn his degree in Italian Literature at the University of Milan, he wrote his thesis on “the locales that Francesco De Gregori describes” in his writings.

We don’t know much about the artist’s personal life because he hasn’t revealed anything about it publicly. We’re confident, though, that you are not gay:In an interview with, you responded to this question. The 14-year-old boy whose name Niccol would not divulge was one of Niccol’s foster children, and Federico was another.

In 1998, he was hired as a production assistant by Renato Zero and Fabrizio De André, and his career took off from there. Nicolas decided to start Sony Music Publishing in 1999 and began writing songs under the pen name of Niccol.

He relocated to Rome in the early 2000s and met a slew of notable artists there. Fiammiferi, his debut single, was produced by Mario Puccioni and Niccol Fabi and released in 2001. A successful musician named Roberto Danè introduced him to the world in 2002, and he worked with him to release his first album. However, in 2003 there was a

In the meantime, Roberto has left the country, and Niccol has signed a deal with Universal Music. Dedicated to the memory of a friend who passed away in 2004, the song spent roughly four months in the Top 100 Songs chart at the time. The artist’s second album, 1009 Days, was published in 2005. As a result of the notoriety he’s gained,

In 2006, Niccol was invited to join Sindacation Radio In Blu as a radio personality. His third studio album, Da Casa a Home, was released in 2008 thanks to a deal he struck with producer Simone Bertolotti. Although in 2008,

Niccolò Agliardi Tumore

The novel But life is something else he partnered with Alessandro Cattelan on the publication of In 2009, Io mi Perdono was released as a single and quickly became popular due to its exposure on the radio. While conducting Free Entrance of Radio 2, he was able to meet a number of notable Italian musicians, including Paolo Nutini.

When he worked with Walter Fontana on his new album Then Be Good Journey the following year, it was released in 2013. He was summoned to Los Angeles shortly thereafter to accept the ASCAP Awards.

His fifth album, Non Vale Tutto, was released in 2011, followed by the single Sono with Me, written by Mietta. His contract with the manufacturer Curci is public knowledge, but no further publications have been made public to date.

For his work with numerous television networks such as Braccialetti Rossi, Agliardi Niccolo has not lately published albums or singles. Braccialetti Rossi’s I haven’t finished and the lyrics of Tifo per Te can be added to his discography. Other tracks can be found by looking up ” Niccol Agliardi Testi ” in the database.

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Niccolò Agliardi Tumore
Niccolò Agliardi Tumore

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