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Mario Uomini E Donne
Mario Uomini E Donne

Mario Uomini E Donne – There was a new man in Gemma Galgani’s life. Mario is her name, and she soon made her place among the Men and Women Over knights while flaunting her skills. Tina Cipollari has been quite vocal in her criticism of “the lady of the Mediaset studio,” who has been the subject of numerous articles and interviews. Her romantic history is complex and,

for the most part, tumultuous. The disarray in the studio and the suggestion that Mario mocked the woman for attention leave little room for optimism about their future together. Mario, from Men and Women Over, is two years older than her at 74. Her hometown is near Gallipoli in Puglia. She enjoys nothing more than a day at sea, preferably spent lounging on her sailboat or motorboat.

There was an instant bond between them, but it didn’t last long. Out in the fresh air, they’ve been getting to know one another over tea and cookies. Because Mario is a grandfather, we saw firsthand how much his grandchildren adore Gemma by the way they pushed him into her arms. The woman from Turin was impressed by her refined demeanor.

Incredibly kind and generous with his generosity. In addition to bravado, though, there was also a great deal of ardor evident in his words, “I like caressing a woman’s flesh when she takes you.” In addition, we are familiar with Mario from Men and Women Throne Over, a professor who, according to his claims, enjoys an excellent rapport with his students.

On today’s episode of Men and Women Over , Gemma and Mario had a heated argument. Since the woman realized she had been duped, things have escalated rapidly. The atmosphere became heated rapidly, and the knight’s view shifted. The need for recognition and other forms of exposure have suddenly made Mario just another face in the crowd.

Gemma has a sneaking suspicion that the knight of Apulian descent is using his attention on her to reminisce about his ex-girlfriend, who is 15 years younger than him. Galgani revealed some previously hidden information. Not a “kiss,” but rather two passionate smacks on the lips. Soon after, she went back to the hotel and gave him a call. During this second encounter,

Mario would have recommended they share “more intimate moments.” The massive link, which had been feared instantly, collapsed. Because she always went first, she felt taunted in the studio during that episode of Men and Women. In sharp contrast to what he claimed in the episode, she was the only one who called and shown interest.

A budding romance in front of the cameras but not much more outside of it. As it turns out, this is the concept that was accidentally shared.The train was the setting for the pivotal scene. The two had exchanged farewells despite the weak connection. After what seemed like an eternity, Gemma finally heard him speak again.

But Mario was talking to Alessandro del Trono Over about how he didn’t take her seriously and thought of her as more of an obsessed buddy than anything more. He also shared his daughter-in-advice law’s that he should “attach” Galgani to help him become famous. Everyone was astonished by the study of male and female anatomy, except Tina.

The columnist has consistently criticized Gemma, pointing out her very trusting nature. You made a fool of yourself,” Gianni said, incredulous at what he was hearing. The fact that Mario didn’t get up from his chair at all suggests that being seen was a priority. He also disregarded Maria De Filippi, who said, “In your place I would think about staying here,”

despite the fact that he never throws anyone out.At the start of this episode of Men and Women, Gemma Galgani confronted Mario, her suitor and the protagonist of a stunning fall in style against the Turin lady in previous episodes. Gemma saw Mario say some hurtful things on the train, and the couple ended up breaking up. However, there were still some unresolved issues,

and the woman insisted on bringing them up to Maria De Filippi.Mario was gathered in the middle of the studio with Gemma and Gabriella and reminded of the reasons why he no longer has any enthusiasm for Galgani. The man said that after giving it a lot of thought, he decided to put some distance between himself and Gemma because he had never seen her show the same level of enthusiasm that he felt for her.

But Gemma kept quiet about that explanation, dismissing it as a lame excuse.Mario tried to explain himself by saying that Gemma only told the episode about the phone conversation on the train when she wanted to. Gemma said she was prepared to meet her gaze when the time came for the truth to be revealed. Despite Mario’s best efforts to patch it up,

Mario Uomini E Donne

Gemma tore the letter he had written ripped her right in front of his eyes after he chose to dance with another woman. Gabriella chimed in before the decisive showdown with Gemma. The woman said that she and Mario had a nice time on their date, but that nothing had come of it.At the end of the day, all Gemma cared about was getting rid of Mario. Thus,

the lady initially said that exciting news was on the way, and then claimed that she had seen some profound Facebook posts written by Mario. The knight was overheard complaining to a friend about Alessandro and Gemma, accusing them of conspiring to study the transmission while they were having their conversation on the train in secret.From his social media posts,

Mario seemed preoccupied with the attention the software would bring him, but when he mentioned Gemma, he probably had already downloaded her. Given these circumstances, Mario’s presence in Men and Women felt out of place. Tina and Gianni viciously attacked him in defense of the editorial team and Maria, who had asked him to leave the show.

I suoceri le avevano suggerito di “affidarsi” a Galgani per aumentare il suo profilo pubblico. Tina è stata l’unica a non essere intimorita dalla ricerca sui genitali maschili e femminili. L’editorialista ha costantemente criticato Gemma, sottolineando la sua natura molto fiduciosa. Ti sei reso ridicolo”, disse Gianni, incredulo per quello che stava ascoltando. Mario non si è alzato dalla sedia,

il che dimostra che la gente vuole essere vista. Per finire, ha ignorato Maria De Filippi , che ha detto: “Nella tua situazione io penserei di restare qui”, dopo averle assicurato di non sfrattare mai nessuno.Cosa sappiamo di questo misterioso nuovo cavaliere apparso nel parterre di Over e che ha già iniziato a corteggiare Gemma Galgani?

Mario Uomini E Donne
Mario Uomini E Donne

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