Albertina Carraro Eta

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Albertina Carraro Eta
Albertina Carraro Eta

Albertina Carraro Eta -It’s the kind of split that’ll be discussed loudly in Milan’s chic living rooms. Farmindustria boss Sergio Dompè has publicly admitted to having an affair with Albertina Carraro, daughter of former Football Federation president, minister, and mayor of Rome Franco Carraro, a close friend of Berlusconi.

Umberto Pizzi’s photographs from Marta Marzotto’s 80th birthday party immortalized the couple “entwined,” and Dagospia had already spotted them together. In recent days, Albertina Carraro has risen to the prominence of the news industry, and not just because she’s wearing pink. Reports in Repubblica by Piero Colaprico and Emilio Randacio state that she would have received a 30,000 euro payment from the aforementioned acquaintance of her father,

Silvio Berlusconi. “The list of bank transfer activities with known recipients derived from the Monte dei Paschi di Siena account in the name of Berlusconi Silvio” totals 483 thousand euros, twenty-nine times. As all of these loans fall under the category of “non-interest bearing loans” , the bunga bunga after bunga bunga of cold hard cash do not factor into the equation. Alessandra Sorcinelli,

a 26-year-old showgirl and former “meteorine” of Rete 4 and current godmother of “Affari Tuo,” is oddly in first place, receiving about a third of the transfers, or 115 thousand euros. Later, in 2010, Adelina Escalona Maria Alonso received up to 50,000 in a single installment, while Valentina Costanzo received 40,000 in May of that same year. On May 18th,

36,000 Euros were deposited into Mariagrazia Veroni’s account. A lump sum of 32,000 Euros will be wired to Anna Restivo, while Konstanze Girth will get 31,000 Euros over the course of three signed installments. With 30,000 each, we have a tie between Albertina Carraro and Erminia Salmieri. We follow the young woman from Portici named Noemi Letizia,

whose mother, Anna Palumbo, may have been the catalyst for Veronica Lario to file for divorce. Together in the Roman evening, Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso were beaming with joy and companionship. Showing that the rumors of a reconciliation between them are nothing more than idle chatter in the TV lounges and the pink magazines. Meanwhile,

in the two episodes of the show “55 steps in the sun,” with which Canale 5 is honoring his 55-year career, the monarch of Cellino San Marco returns to the stage with Romina Power. Nonetheless, Al Bano and Loredana showed up to Sandra Carraro’s party in her luxurious property on the Gianicolo on Tuesday night. It’s reassuring to see that they seem to have patched things up since Christmas,

even though we have no idea what goes on in their bedroom. This wasn’t the only juicy tidbit to come out of Carraro’s party, though; he also invited Mara Venier, who showed up with her daughter Elisabetta Ferracini and Gianni Dei, and her ex-«daughter-in-law,» Simona Ventura, who arrived with a huge grin on her face and her new boyfriend, Giovanni Terzi.

There is still animosity between Mara and Simo, even though Ventura is no longer with Ger Carraro and has found a new love in Simo. This was the case to the point where the two blonde women on TV barely spoke to each other all night. At the birthday party of the very blonde Sandra—a woman so self-assured that she is not ashamed to reveal her age like so many of her—were Rome from Potentona and the historical pals of show business.

She announces to the celebration of over 200 people that she is 70 years old, amid cheers and laughter. Sandra invites Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Francesco Caltagirone Bellavista, Bernab Bocca and Benedetta Geronzi, Mauro Masi and his Ingrid Muccitelli, the wildest to shoot Stories,

along with her husband Franco Carraro and their children Albertina and Luigi. With his nephew and FI honorary member/Anna Falchi’s lover, Bruno Vespa punches in . To begin, Sandra has a close friend named Super Pippo Baudo. In the hall, Pupo-Enzo Ghinazzi,

Albertina Carraro Eta

Al Bano, and Mario Lavezzi belt out tunes from “Happiness” to “Nostalgia canaglia” and “Chocolate ice cream” better than any karaoke machine. Giulio Rapetti, better known by his stage name Mogol, is also present to bestow his divine favor. Lecciso boogies down next to the piano, Venier performs in a sequined jacket of several colors, and Pippo conducts the orchestra.

The Venturini Fendi sisters, Beatrice Iannozzi, Francesca Ferrone, Ester and Rocco Crimi, and many more enjoy themselves. The evening came to a close with cake and dancing to music in the garden gazebo. A statuette will be sent to Berlusconi the next time he cracks a scatological joke. A shell, in a sense. One of those tiny men with the huge penis emerges from his shell.

Size-wise,the figurine is comparable to a 500 ml water bottle. There is a noticeable discrepancy between the two sexes in the penis. Berlusconi twirls the statue in the midst of the young women. Then he insists that they kiss his penis. They start spinning the figurine around. They mock make out on his penis and give him lip service. Or, if they dare to bring it up close to their bare chest.

They all share a hearty chuckle. My partner Amber and I never engage in inappropriate behavior. Even Bonasia, whom the president has introduced to the world as his fiancee, surprises us by lending herself. At that point, the evening diverges significantly from my expectations. They start coming up to the president, having their breasts kissed, and touching him, and the girls’ joy is palpable.

Nicole Minetti puts on a lap dance show at one point. She’s sporting a peel-off garment. She dances the pole entirely undressed. She then dances provocatively with her butt close to the president’s face as she approaches Berlusconi, who is also now naked. She spins around to face the president, who licks her breasts as she brings them to his mouth.

The females are trying to get us into the dance that Fede and Berlusconi have started.Cominciano a far girare la statuetta. Si fanno beffe del suo pene e gli danno un servizio a parole. Oppure, se osano avvicinarlo al petto nudo. Condividono tutti una risata cordiale. Io e la mia compagna Amber non abbiamo mai comportamenti inappropriati. Anche Bonasia,

che il presidente ha presentato al mondo come sua fidanzata, ci sorprende prestandosi. A quel punto la serata si discosta sensibilmente dalle mie aspettative. Cominciano ad avvicinarsi al presidente, a farsi baciare il seno, a toccarlo, e la gioia delle ragazze è palpabile. Nicole Minetti mette su uno spettacolo di lap dance a un certo punto. Indossa un indumento staccabile.

Balla il palo completamente svestita. Poi balla in modo provocatorio con il sedere vicino al viso del presidente mentre si avvicina a Berlusconi, anche lui nudo. Si gira per affrontare il presidente, che le lecca i seni mentre glieli porta alla bocca. Le femmine stanno cercando di farci entrare nel ballo che Fede e Berlusconi hanno iniziato.

Albertina Carraro Eta
Albertina Carraro Eta

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